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The Australian Mood: Rob Snarski And His Album Of COVID Commissions

Melbourne singer-songwriter Rob Snarski wrote and recorded his latest album Song Gifts during the long lockdown of 2020, and now – current lockdown restrictions pending – seems finally set to celebrate its release at Palace of Magnificent Experiences on Friday 25 June. 

Song Gifts is a unique concept album, consisting of songs commissioned by people who wanted Rob to write songs for their relatives, friends and partners. “I even had to write a song about an apple and a dog,” explains Rob to Neil Rogers on The Australian Mood. “It was quite a bizarre experience, but a really rewarding one.”

Rob and Neil discuss how the lockdown project snowballed, the challenges of interpreting someone else’s ideas, and how he’s bringing ‘Evil’ Graham Lee with him to the Palace of Magnificent Experiences show. “It’s the first time I’ve played with ‘Evil’ Graham Lee in duo mode in a very long time,” Rob says. “In fact, I worked out the last time we played together as a duo was in 1993 supporting John Cale at The National Theatre in St. Kilda. So this is only our second show together!”

Rob Snarski 2021 Press Shot
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