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Tatsuya Wakuda and Smith & Deli on Eat It

Time to loosen your belt as Eat It delivers two generous servings of locally sourced interviews. The first course features legendary chef Tetsuya Wakuda, who details his journey – from first arriving in Australia with 300 dollars in his pocket to owning one of the country’s most celebrated restaurants. His story is heavily garnished with passion, humility and determination. Second course is a cruelty-free serving of Mo Wyse and Shannon Martinez, the tatted and talented owners of vegan eat-outs, Smith & Deli and Smith & Daughters. They discuss their new book Smith & Deli-cious, seasoning it with tips for making ethical comfort food for scared witless non-vegans.

Smith and Daughters on Eat It
Listen to Tatsuya Wakuda and Smith & Deli on Eat It59:407 October 2018