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SmartArts: Swallowed Up Whole By The Crocodile

What do the russian author Dostoyevsky, political satire and crocodiles have in common?

The answer is The Crocodile, a new staging of Tom Basden's early 2000s play at Fortyfivedownstairs. A story of a struggling actor who finds themselves consumed by a crocodile (and then ruminates on their life - while trapped in its belly), features some utterly ingenius set design and costume work to bring it to life.

Richard chats with director Cassandra Fumi and set & costume designer Dann Barber about the challenges of bringing The Crocodile to life and turning Fortyfivedownstairs into the literal belly of a beast.

The Crocodile is now showing at Fourtyfivedownstairs until February 26.

Listen to SmartArts: Swallowed Up Whole By The Crocodile15:1016 February 2023