April Amnesty 2023


April Amnesty 2023



From an episode of SmartArtsPresented by Richard Watts


SmartArts: Growing Up Around Dairy Cows and the Patriarchy

Odette England joins Richard Watts to discuss her first solo Australian photography exhibition Dairy Character. The exhibition explores growing up on a dairy farm, the unacknowledged and unpaid work women do in rural Australia, and comparisons between the objectification of dairy cows and women.

“It’s a way of me using autobiography to talk about power, education, patriarchy and things that I’m using my experience to talk towards rather than talk about.”

Dairy Character is on at the Centre of Contemporary Photography in Fitzroy from 27 January to 9 April.

Odette England
Listen to SmartArts: Growing Up Around Dairy Cows and the Patriarchy16:209 March 2023