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SmartArts: Exploring The Role Of The Arts In Australia’s Future

How do Australians view arts and culture in their lives? Dr Wendy Were, director for advocacy and development at the Australia Council for the Arts, joins SmartArts to discuss the recent results of the National Arts Participation Survey. The survey, entitled "Creating Our Future", is part of a series of surveys commissioned to look at Australian’s attitude towards the arts and how they change, shift or develop over time. 

The latest survey was completed in 2019 and found that 98% of Australians engage with the arts, even if they don’t know it. Arts consumption can be seen as not just going to the theatre or concert, but also listening to the radio and watching TV, among many other things. There has been a growth in the recognition that the arts play an important role in child development and also to our sense of health and wellbeing. Australians are valuing the arts more than ever before, however the survey also suggests that representation for diverse groups is lacking in the arts sector. The pandemic has also changed the way we access art and they're still collecting data and looking at how Australians have turned to the arts during this time. 

Photo: Rob Laughter (Unsplash)

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