Presented by Richard Watts


Smart Arts: Get A Start In Comedy With Jude Perl

Award-winning comedian and musician Jude Perl is known for making “hilarious and painfully spot on observations, mixed with insanely clever and comical songwriting”. She joins Smart Arts Richard Watts to offer advice to anyone who might be thinking about kick starting their comedy career in lockdown.

Jude says she got her start when she realised that she wasn’t your average “indie artist” because she wanted to “write about meerkats and pillow cases” rather than her latest break-up.

Just as break-up songs are, sadly, better when they’re based on real events, Jude reckons the basis of good comedy is focussing on things that actually happen to you that are funny. She says “I’m sure there are comedians that can make even a not true story funny but I’ve never been able to do that”.

Jude tells Richard that “a good place to start is just to watch lots of other comedians and see how they do it” but don’t copy other people. As Richard notes “doing other people’s material is definitely a no-no”. Jude adds, “It totally makes sense to be influenced by someone, though”.

And Jude reassures listeners that “if you feel like what you are writing isn’t very good, welcome to the club!” Comedy (and in her case, songwriting) is a craft, she says, and it takes a lot of practice.

Jude will be performing at Local Laughs online on May 4 along with Garry Starr, Patrick Collins & more. You can also listen to her on Bandcamp.

Listen to Smart Arts: Get A Start In Comedy With Jude Perl16:0023 April 2020