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Respect The Rock: Tim Rogers Talks Joining The Hard-Ons

Legendary You Am I frontman Tim Rogers joins Nicole Tadpole to explain how exactly he ended up not only singing for cult punk band The Hard-Ons, but also recording a whole album with them called I’m Sorry Sir, This Riff’s Been Taken. Unsurprisingly, it involved a few phone calls and late nights.

“It would have been intimidating if it wasn’t so much fun,” says Tim of the experience. “They’re really hard-working people. Any intimidation… you have to get in it or get off the pot!” 

Tim generously speaks at length about his history with the band over the past 30 years, his admiration for the band’s broad church of influences, and the enduring legacy of The Hard-Ons. 

photo credit: Michelle Young/Lantern Studio

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