Respect The Rock: Cash Savage Shares What’s Next For The Last Drinks

Cash Savage takes a break from doing some admin to talk to Respect The Rock fill in-host Blake about their first live shows since March 2021, which kicked off with a New Year’s Eve gig in Castlemaine. “There were a lot of mixed emotions actually,” Cash says of the gig. “I’ve had a rollercoaster of a year, as everyone has. It was very good to be playing music very loudly with the Last Drinks, and I think everyone knew we were going into a tough 2022, live music-wise – so everyone knew there was a feeling of 'go big or go home'.”  

The chat comes ahead of their Melbourne Recital Centre show (rescheduled to Friday 11 March), which – not having had a huge opportunity to play and being in the middle of recording a new album – required a rare band rehearsal. “I thought I should probably crack out a couple of solo songs we couldn’t usually do in the pub rooms,” Cash explains. “If it wasn’t for not playing as much, we wouldn’t normally do a rehearsal at all. The musicians in the band are so good, we tend not to worry about that as much!”

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Photo: Naomi Lee Beveridge

Cash Savage and the Last Drinks 2021 Publicity Image
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