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Read the Room: Racism during COVID-19

"With free speech, comes a lot of responsibility, and a lot of media outlets and journsalists need to understand that" - Erin Chew

This past week, News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt wrote an opinion piece arguing why he thinks there’s a strong link between multiculturalism and Victoria’s second wave of COVID-19 infections - again. This was after the news of a new covid case at an Islamic school in Melbourne’s north. This rhetoric is nothing new, but the pandemic has definitely brought it to the forefront, particularly when it comes the Asian-Australian community, who’ve beared the brunt of COVID-19 racism.

Joining Bez Zewdie and Jim Malo - filling in for Madeline Hayman-Reber and Osman Faruqi - is co-founder of the Asian Australian Alliance, Erin Chew, to chat about their newly published study called ‘Social commentary, racism & covid’. Conducted in partnership with All Together Now, the report looks at anti-Asian racism during COVID-19, and the different ways racism operates within Australian news media.

'Social commentary, racism & covid' report - All Together Now & Asian Australian Alliance
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