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Radiotherapy Talks Medical Ethics

Sometimes what’s right and what’s wrong is not always clear cut. Ethics can be surprisingly tricky and they play an important role in our healthcare system. The Radiotherapy crew are joined by Professor Clare Delany, a Clinical Ethicist at the Royal Children’s Hospital. What is a clinical ethicist? Clare recounts what takes place in her day-to-day work, which includes providing consultations with a clinical ethics committee, discussing medical cases that raise ethical issues, and taking calls from practitioners who encounter ethical issues that they're unsure about. Clare says that she brings ethical reasoning to practical situations when there is uncertainty or disagreement on treatment pathways. She says that often a clinical ethicist allows people to take a deep breath and discuss a broad range of ideas which assess individual values, risks and benefits to create the best possible outcome.

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Listen to Radiotherapy Talks Medical Ethics21:049 February 2020