From an episode of Radio MarinaraPresented by Bron Burton, Anthony Boxshall and Kade Mills


Radio Marinara: The Orcas are Going O(r)ff!

Dave Donnelly is back on Radio Marinara to talk all things whales!

Dave chats to Bron, Anth and Kade about the recent mass strandings that is occurring in Tasmania and beyond. A repeat of a similar situation two years ago, Dave discusses the geographic circumstsances that might be leading to these recurrent events.

He also discusses a remarkable discovery regarding a group of killer whales that were refloated back in 2013, and the latest migration patterns of our friendly giants in the water.

For those interested in a bit of whale watching themselves, be sure to head to Podwatch to report your sightings and assist the Dolphin Research Institute.

Dave Donnelly
Listen to Radio Marinara: The Orcas are Going O(r)ff!10:079 October 2022