From an episode of Radio MarinaraPresented by Bron Burton, Anthony Boxshall, Dr Beach, Kade Mills, Dr Surf, Rex Hunter and Terri Allen


Radio Marinara: A Deep Dive Into Spider Crabs

Every year thousands of spider crabs gather in the Mornington Peninsula. These crabs aggregate for moulting, but there is still very little known about these fabulous creatures.

To help solve this most mysterious natural phenomena a new citizen science project, Spider Crab Watch, has been created. Leading the project is Dr. Elodie Camprasse from Deakin University. Elodie says that the project aims to learn more about where these crabs hang out, where they don’t and what they are doing. She encourages people to report their sightings or any photos and videos of the spider crabs that they have encountered in the Bay.

photo credit: quick shot photos (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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