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Primal Screen: Disability and Film

“Issues with representation is often who’s responsible for the representation. So, things are getting better you know, when you’re seeing people with lived experiences caste in roles of disabled characters. But is there a disabled person in the writer’s room? Has there been a consulting process done? That’s the next frontier” - Clem Bastow

Flick Ford is joined by both Dr Radha O'Meara from the University of Melbourne and Clem Bastow, a PhD candidate and researcher in Autistic screenwriting, to discuss all things disability and film. They also chat about a recent study led by Dr O'Meara which details the prejudices and systemic discrimination faced by disabled screen workers, including lower pay, greater casualisation, and exclusion, leading to missed opportunities for the industry.

Flick Ford, Dr Radha O'Meara and Clem Bastow
Listen to Primal Screen: Disability and Film53:2227 February 2023