Place, Healing and Taboo: Kim Scott on His New Novel

Dual Miles Franklin winner and Noongar man Kim Scott explores Indigenous experience in the areas of early contact and the Stolen Generations. He joins The Glasshouse to chat about his latest novel, Taboo, which has just won the Prize for Indigenous Writing at the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards. The novel is set in the present day where a group of Noongar people revisit a place made taboo by a massacre, in order to reconnect to their land and culture. Deeply informed by his ancestral connections and work with a language recovery project, Kim wanted to explore the idea that people damaged by colonisation can be healed by reconnecting to the precolonial heritage of a certain place.

Kim Scott on The Glasshouse
Listen to Place, Healing and Taboo: Kim Scott on His New Novel19:176 February 2019