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Out On The Patio: Gareth Liddiard Chats New Project Springtime

Gareth Liddiard joins Mon during Out On The Patio to chat about his new project Springtime, a collaboration with Jim White of the Dirty Three and Chris Abrahams of The Necks. Quite a departure from his work with The Drones and Tropical F*** Storm, Springtime makes a weird and wonderful racket that’s part free-jazz, part experimental noise and part improvisation, with each band member bringing a distinct part of their other project’s personalities to the table.

“If you’re playing with Jim, you can do things you can’t do with anybody else. You can get up to all sorts of weird stuff. And if you add Chris into the mix, you can get further out,” Gareth explains. “We’re lucky we got to do it because we had a two-week window to get Chris down from Sydney, and we did it all - recorded an album and played a couple of shows. It’s been fun. Jim and Chris just aren’t like other musicians.”

Photo: Jamie Wdziekonski

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