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Olmo Salvatore's ode to the decade

Summer Breakfasters co-host Olmo Salvatore takes us on a trip down memory lane with his poem 'Decadent Retrospective':

It’s 2010 and our population has passed 22 mill

Ruddy didn’t watch his back as the ALP went in for the kill  

In 2011 a swiss tourist skated the length of the Burnley tunnel

While a South Australian senator danced the hokey pokey in the Canberra bubble 

2012 was Obama’s re-election and Julia’s misogyny address

While Usain Bolt won gold in 9.63 seconds, no more, no less 

In 2013 Kanye and Kim planned a wedding in a Tuscan villa

And Edward Snowden was pursued by the U.S government as if he were a serial killer 

2014 gave rise to the ice bucket challenge and #blacklivesmatter

While on Q and A, Josh Thomas comprehensively destroyed Bob Katter

In 2015 we saw the Straight Outta Compton Biopic

And journo Peter Greste was finally released from a prison in Egypt 

2016 was a sensational year for fans of Beyonce and the mighty western bulldogs

Unfortunately it was also a good year for fans of giant orange baby demagogues 

In 2017 the internet freaked out over Nicole Kidman’s clapping action 

But we finally passed a bill to bring in same sex marraige legalisation 

People watched on in 2018 as a team of thai boys were trapped in a cave

While redheads rejoiced at the introduction of ranga emojis they had always craved 

As we close in on the end of 2019 and the end of another decade

Can we please do our best to make sure the next one is an upgrade.

  • Olmo Salvatore, 2019
Olmo Salvatore
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