Noni Hazlehurst Joins Breakfasters

Double lives, shocking secrets and buried scandals is how SBS describes the return season of its series Every Family Has A Secret. Local screen legend and host Noni Hazlehurst joins Breakfasters to chat about the latest season.

Noni says that there's an appetite for real human stories – for reality as we live it. She says it’s amazing that when you scratch the surface you can see that many people have holes in their family stories that they don’t know about or no one will talk about, or something that has haunted them. She says that these are real people and high-stakes situations. In the show, she follows stories around the world and sees people at their most vulnerable. As the host, Noni’s job is to hold their hand as they discover answers to their family’s secrets, which are often shocking and confronting. She says that the show also offers an insight into overlooked or forgotten past histories.

Photo: SBS/David Dare Parker

Noni Hazelhurst Every Family Season 2
Listen to Noni Hazlehurst Joins Breakfasters10:0521 September 2020