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Frantic Items: Meg Baird On New Album Furling

Recorded three years ago, Meg Baird’s fourth solo record Furling is finally out in the world. Now living in Humboldt County in Northern California, where the sun sets over the Pacific, Baird works as a mathematics assistant alongside her musical explorations. The quiet region is in tune with her connection to natural phenomena and there is a strong strain of ecological awareness running through Baird’s work. The songs were written at the time of wild fires ravaging her state, which is directly addressed in the music video for album opener “Ashes, Ashes”. Baird also discusses her fondness for community and college radio, a vital means to connect with local community and keep up to date with those far away.

Listen to Frantic Items: Meg Baird On New Album Furling52:0426 February 2023