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Margret RoadKnight Contemplates Woody Guthrie on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Australian interpretive singer Margret RoadKnight joins Banana Lounge Broadcasting presenter Dave Graney to discuss the life and work of American folk singer Woody Guthrie leading up to her performance in Woody: Songs of Freedom. Margret will feature alongside other artists this Saturday 20 October at The Recital Hall for the show. Having recently taken home the Australian Women in Music Award for Lifetime Contribution, Margret is still working and performing as much as ever with no intention of slowing down.

With interpretations by Odetta, Peter Fonda and Country Joe McDonald & The Fish, Woody Guthrie’s musical repertoire is thoughtfully explored. In terms of his musical influence on the early days of artists like Bob Dylan, Margret says, ‘If there hadn’t been Woody, there wouldn’t be Bob.’

Margaret Roadknight on Banana Lounge Broadcasting
Listen to Margret RoadKnight Contemplates Woody Guthrie on Banana Lounge Broadcasting53:5716 October 2018