Loose Tooth Join Out On The Patio

Nelly from garage-pop trio Loose Tooth would love to be made into a meme. More specifically, she would love to be made into a grandma-themed meme with fellow band member and long-time friend Etta. The pair has been friends since they were six months old and have evolved as musicians together. She chats to Mon on Out on the Patio about growing up together, picking band names and their new single launch this Friday. Their new single “Lonely” is a split single with US grunge outfit Chastity Belt and is their latest release since 2017. To celebrate the launch they’ve picked a theme for the night, which is ironically the daytime sky. Apart from questioning the seriousness of their band name, Nelly’s potential acting career and creating videos for Facebook, the band are currently working on a new album.

Loose Tooth
Listen to Loose Tooth Join Out On The Patio16:0011 March 2020