Keto, Pegan and Snake: The Latest Fad Diets Explained on Breakfasters

Have you ever tried to eat like a snake? Some people have and it is now one of the newest fad diets hitting the internet. Food journalist Michael Harden stops by to educate the Breakfasters on the latest weird and wonderful diet trends. Michael says that the Snake Diet involves eating a one large meal, like a snake, for 2 hours and then eating nothing for the next 22 hours and sipping only on snake juice (salty water). Some other great fad diets for noting are the Keto Diet, where you eliminate sugar and carbs from your diet to get into a state of ketosis, and the Pegan Diet, which is a weird mix between the Paleo Diet and Vegan Diet. Michael says that restaurants are becoming savvy to dietary trends and are altering their menus to accommodate the many Australians with special dietary requirements. He says that while the normalising of dietary restrictions may be annoying, it’s not a bad thing as it has actually has increased the variety of what you find on restaurant menus and leads you towards different flavours.

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Listen to Keto, Pegan and Snake: The Latest Fad Diets Explained on Breakfasters10:3010 April 2019