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Why Is Joni Mitchell So Enduring? A Tribute on Undercurrents

In 2012 Zadie Smith wrote of Joni Mitchell that ‘it was her peculiar curse to never really be unknown’. Perhaps explaining why the 75 year old musician is so reclusive, and certainly describing the impact she’s had on billions across the globe. Because even those of us who don’t really know Joni, know Joni.

But what is it about her that is so enduring? Judith Peppard’s first episode of Undercurrents: Voices of Love and Dissent attempts to answer this question. From her small-town upbringing to her battles with love and loss, Judith pieces together the inspiring story of a musician who, throughout her long and diverse discography, never stopped asking us to ‘look deep into our soul[s] and question how we live’.

Joni Mitchell
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