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Hysterical Records Finish the Year on a High Note, on Maps

Nat from Melbourne trio DIANAS and Amanda from Hysterical Records drop in for a chat with Maps fill-in host Rachel ahead of their end-of-year party at Coburg Night Market this Friday 21 December. An event that’s welcome for all, market dwellers can explore a great range of stalls while enjoying live performances from DIANAS, as well as other exciting local acts, including Hot to Rot, Pinch Point and Shiz Bish. With Hysterical Records behind the lineup, Amanda says, ‘Grace and I curated the night and we were like, “Oh well, it’s Christmas we’ll just have an end-of-year party with some of our favourite bands.”’

After also visiting the market last year, Amanda talks about how cute it was to see so many kids dancing to live music. She laughs, ‘Can’t wait for them to dance around to DIANAS.’

Bands kick off at 6pm and the event is free, so there’s pretty much no excuse for not going. By the way, if you’ve ignored your shopping obligations up until this minute, then fear not because Coburg Market’s got you covered. Word on the street is that they sell really good soap, so you better not miss out.

Coburg Night Market Hysterical Records
Listen to Hysterical Records Finish the Year on a High Note, on Maps14:4417 December 2018