How Art and Climate Are Making a Change on The Grapevine

‘It’s not an overstatement to call it an active intergenerational pillage to remain passive on climate, that’s how extreme this situation young people will be facing is.’

Director and founder of the NYC Climate Museum Miranda Massie is currently in Melbourne for a talk at the University of Melbourne for the ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE Festival. Miranda stops by to chat with Dylan about the space they have created in NYC. The museums focuses on art shows with cross-disciplinary scientific programming and youth programming, allowing people ask questions, experience feelings about climate change, and figure out ways to start taking action to address it.

Miranda describes the importance of thinking about the significance of the arts as a pathway into climate engagement, saying, ‘Arts are an essential way for people to start to be able to sit with the enormity of what we’re facing and come together around it.’

Miranda Massie on The Grapevine
Listen to How Art and Climate Are Making a Change on The Grapevine18:4129 April 2019