From an episode of Greening the ApocalypsePresented by Adam Grubb, Bushy, Kate Dundas and Jed Macartney


Greening the Apocalypse: Bushy Says Farewell

After three years of negotiating new and complex ideas, program co-host Bushy puts on his headphones for one last time. Bushy says that he joined the program with the goal of ‘learning as much as [he] could about what’s coming [in] the future and how much [he] could simplify’ these issues for general audiences. Safe to say he succeeded, delivering complex and fascinating information to Greening audiences in accessible and incisive ways. He and his co-hosts finish up in true Greening fashion, discussing intriguing ideas about society: from Christmas ‘joy’ and consumerism, to Black Mirror and privacy breaches. Plus, they chat about Bushy’s favourite guests and episodes, as well as send some thanks to the folks who made it all possible.

Bushy's Last GtA
Listen to Greening the Apocalypse: Bushy Says Farewell01:01:154 December 2018