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Full Circle: Makeda’s New EP Venus Leak

After a period between releases, DJ and multi-disciplinary experimentalist Makeda has released a new EP titled Venus Leak. This latest record, released via Music Company, is a trance-inducing, deeply personal work. Makeda chats to Full Circle about how this EP came to be.

Makeda says that this release speaks to the time of change. She started working on this release before the pandemic, but crafted and fine-tuned it in lockdown before moving to warmer climates in Meanjin/Brisbane. She says that creating a positive-sounding release was her goal and she wanted to bring more melody in. She says that in this release she tried to keep herself stable and find small joys. 

Photo by James Caswell

Makeda Press Image
Listen to Full Circle: Makeda’s New EP Venus Leak27:0425 October 2021