From Myth to Reality: The Avalanches on Double Bounce

What happens when a band reaches peak hype and an almost mythical status? Robby and Tony from The Avalanches join Vaughan to chat about the rumours, the pressure and what’s next. The band spent years working on their last album and as each year drifted away without a release they felt the pressure build up both internally and externally. After Wildflower was released they went on tour and collaborated with a variety of artists around the globe, sparking their curiosity and pushing their sights outside of their musical bubble. Currently they are working on a new album and say that there is far less weight on their shoulders this time; they have a newfound sense of creative freedom. The duo is hitting up the studio and hint that the next album will be quite a departure from their previous records.

Photo by Chelsea Sienna King

Avalanches on Double Bounce
Listen to From Myth to Reality: The Avalanches on Double Bounce13:0026 February 2019