From Berghain to Double Bounce: Yaeji Stops By

Yaeji: a Korean-American electronic music artist blends worlds. Not really fitting into any genre and casually flipping between Korean and English, Yaeji sings and plays what she likes to hear. She joins Vaughn on Double Bounce to chat about how her experiences growing up and at college in the US have shaped her musically. She was first exposed different music through her college radio station WRCT, which banned music from mainstream radio. This was where she heard techno and dance music for the first time and felt that she could actually be herself. Since then she has not looked back, performing at Berghain and more recently at the Opera House. Her music reflects her experience as a global nomad, transcending genres and challenging conceptions.

Yaeji on Double Bounce
Listen to From Berghain to Double Bounce: Yaeji Stops By15:484 December 2018