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Einstein A Go-Go: Supermarkets, Choices and the Digital Nudge

Have you ever wondered why most big supermarkets look the same? It’s not a coincidence. 

Head of Discipline Food Science & Human Nutrition, from the University of Newcastle, Dr Tamara Bucher, joins Einstein A Go-Go to chat about environmental influences on our food choices. She explains how supermarkets are strategically designed, with fresh food located at the entrance to give an impression of freshness. As we navigate the aisles, we make many choices, become fatigued, and are more likely to buy on impulse, which is why lollies and treats appear at the checkout.

This logic is also applied to online shopping spaces which are designed to function in a particular way. Tamara says that she is interested in ‘digital nudging’ which means restructuring online shopping in a way to promote healthier choices.

photo credit: creative commons

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