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Einstein A Go-Go: Implants, Stimulations and Nanotechnology – Oh My!

It’s Einstein A Go-Go’s Bionics Institute special! Dr Shane goes deep with research director James Fallon and researchers Andrew Wise and Sophie Payne.

James shares how the full bionics mission at the institute developed from initial bionics research for the ear with cochlear implants. They discuss bodily rejection of devices, safe electrode charge limits to have in the body, and our capacity for physical and cognitive adaptability.

Sophie explains how the vagus nerve impacts several bodily systems, from motor information, gastric responses and the immune system. She details how their research aims to use implants to harness anti-inflammatory effects within the body, from nerve injuries to IBS, arthritis, diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Meanwhile, Andrew describes his research into delivering drugs to the inner ear, where targeting therapeutics is difficult due to the ‘brain barrier’ and various membranes.

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