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David Quirk and Craig Peade on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Elmo is the new play by Benjamin Cittadini, which tells the story of two strangers – a woman with a gambling addiction and a man who loves satay chicken – who repeatedly cross paths with one another, growing closer and closer after each meeting. Performer David Quirk and sound designer Craig Peade were distinguished guests on this week’s Banana Lounge Broadcasting where they talked about not much. Instead, they chortled and shared congenial inside jokes with the lovely host, Dave Graney. David might have mentioned Elmo is a dramedy, or whatever. Anyway, Elmo is showing at Fringe Hub: Arts House from 18 to 29 September as part of Melbourne Fringe.

Elmo BLB
Listen to David Quirk and Craig Peade on Banana Lounge Broadcasting27:5618 September 2018