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Curtis Sittenfeld Delves into the Minds of Others on Backstory

US-based writer Curtis Sittenfeld believes that to be human is to act irrationally very frequently. Her latest collection of short stories, You Think It, I’ll Say It, takes a poke a politics and society, while showing great sensitivity by building characters that are both empathetic and believably flawed. Curtis explains to Backstory’s Mel Cranenburgh that creating characters that are believable lies in the way that a writer tells a story. Her advice is to get to the action quickly and then fill in all the juicy details.

Her latest collection gave Curtis the chance to explore the minds of powerful public and political figures, including Hilary Clinton. By delving into the minds of others, she hopes that we question our own conceptions of others and how we project meaning onto political figures and celebrities.

Curtis Sittenfeld on Backstory
Listen to Curtis Sittenfeld Delves into the Minds of Others on Backstory25:266 November 2019