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Frantic Items: The International DJ Life With Ciel

Toronto based DJ and producer Ciel came into the studio in between club, festival and radio sets on an Australia tour, ahead of her debut album, out later this year. It will be released on her own label Parallel Minds, co-run with Daniel 58 and Yohei S. In the chat, Ciel expands on the minutiae of an international DJ career, with its expectation of constant travel between continents and the resulting dislocation from home. Particular focus is placed on the current financial inaccessibility of crossing the border into the US for work. Then there is the joy of being in total sync with a crowd, each track on the fly in reaction to the movement in front of the decks, as with the set at Miscellania. When not on the road, Ciel is loyal to her Toronto dance music scene, which is constantly evolving in response to generational shifts and local legislation. Having spent a solid portion of the pandemic at home composing music, plenty of new solo and collaborative releases are on the way.

Listen to Frantic Items: The International DJ Life With Ciel48:5112 February 2023