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Celebrating 10 Years of Bedroom Suck on Local and/or General

Bedroom Suck Records is turning 10 this year. To celebrate this momentous achievement, Joe Alexander stops by Local and/or General to chat all things BSR. The label came from humble beginnings, starting off as a reaction to the great music being developed in Brisbane share-houses. Joe felt that the music and surrounding community was something special and needed to be shared with a much wider audience. Aiming to give back to the community, he decided to document and distribute some bands and soon after Bedroom Suck was born. After five years in Brisbane, they moved down to Melbourne and haven’t looked back. They’ve now put out 85 records and counting. To celebrate, they are having a birthday bash at Thornbury Bowls Club with some great guests this Sunday.

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Listen to Celebrating 10 Years of Bedroom Suck on Local and/or General19:5716 December 2019