Byte Into IT: Protecting Young People’s Privacy

According to Rys Farthing, an estimated 72 million data points are collected from children by the time they are thirteen - from before they are born, with apps that track pregnancy, to systems tracking classroom activities. Rys is the Children’s Data Policy Director at Reset Australia, a not-for-profit organisation who work on public policy advocacy, research, and civic engagement to strengthen our democracy. A current focus is advocating for a Children’s Data Code that limits the amount of data companies can collect on children, and ensure it's only used in their best interest. Rys joins Byte Into IT co-hosts Vanessa, Paul and Dan to explain the risks of unregulated data collection for children and young people.

So, what can you do to help? Rys says contacting your local MP to voice your concerns is helpful, as is checking out Reset Australia for more information.

Photo: bruce mars (Unsplash)

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Listen to Byte Into IT: Protecting Young People’s Privacy15:2719 May 2021