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Byte Into IT: How To Be Free In An Age of Surveillance

As a result of the pandemic, many of us are spending a lot more time online than normal and potentially downloading the government's contact tracing app, pushing concerns over privacy to centre stage. Academic and former journalist Sacha Molitorisz joins Byte Into IT to discuss his new book, Net Privacy: How We Can Be Free In An Age Of Surveillance, exploring the legal and ethical ways we can navigate the digital world and protect our privacy.

Sacha analyses online privacy by applying a Kantian ethical framework, the Categorical Imperative. This states that you should never treat anyone (ourselves included) merely as a means. For example, accessing data in ways that you are unaware of and selling it for profit would be using someone as a means. He applies this to digital privacy and comes up with an approach to tackling these increasingly complex issues.

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Listen to Byte Into IT: How To Be Free In An Age of Surveillance13:1627 May 2020