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Breaking And Entering: U.S. Girls On New Album ‘Heavy Light’

The latest album from U.S. Girls, Heavy Light (Triple R’s Album Of The Week) explores the way music interacts with the human condition. Based out of Toronto, U.S. Girls is an experimental pop project formed by Meghan Remy that spans several different genres, such as gospel soul, orchestral percussion, disco funk. Heavy Light is the seventh record and, in contrast with other records, was recorded live with 20 sessional artists. This added a new dimension to songwriting and was a challenging learning experience. This album revisits songs that were written over the last years and contemplates how the past shapes us. 

Meg tells Simon how music can be a form of nourishment, a means of sharing and creating community, and how one can embody music. This is reflected in the interactive nature of the album, which includes interludes asking questions like, ‘What advice would you give your teenage self?’

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