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Breaking And Entering: The Cold And Dramatic World Of Time For Dreams

Amanda Roff from local duo Time For Dreams join Lauren and Simon on Breaking And Entering to chat about their new record Life of the Inhabitant

Amanda discusses how the cold, dramatic landscape of the low slopes of Geboor/Mt Macedon – where they recorded the album – sculpted the overall sound of it. “The first thing that felt appropriate was that we went somewhere particularly to make an album,” she says. “It meant that the interaction was the album. To go somewhere and be quite isolated and be constantly in the shadow of this huge mountain and the mist… the whole thing was the most goth experience.”

Time For Dreams are well known for making music that’s deeply rooted in a specific theme or atmosphere, having been once described as “sounding like how Blade Runner looks.” This time, however, was a bit more immediate and visceral. “This was just everyone turning up with these ideas and throwing it into an environment and seeing what came out,” Amanda explains. “It was mostly recorded and written on the spot.”

Photo: Ross Coulter

Time For Dreams
Listen to Breaking And Entering: The Cold And Dramatic World Of Time For Dreams18:4723 September 2021