From an episode of Breaking And EnteringPresented by Simon Winkler and Lauren Taylor

Live at Triple R

Breaking and Entering: Nakhane’s Intimate Live Performance

‘Being a black queer person in Australia […] or wherever in the world is pushing against the grain. And I’m not one to assimilate.’

Nakhane knew he was going to be a musician at age seven and since then he’s dedicated his life to making that a reality. Now, at age thirty, he knows there’s a lot at stake. But his fearlessness is palpable.

Joining Lauren and Simon on Breaking and Entering, Nakhane talks us through the journey he has taken to get here and why it’s important to never let go of your dream. He then joins a live audience in the Triple R Performance Space to deliver a seamless live set.

Nakhane Live in the Performance Space
Listen to Breaking and Entering: Nakhane’s Intimate Live Performance01:03:5631 January 2019