Breakfasters: Thrifty Living Tips With The CWA

Spilt coffee on yourself? Splashed a bit of beetroot on your t-shirt? Not sure what to do with too many lemons? The Country Women’s Association (CWA) have over 1000 solutions to common problems from their decades of accumulated wisdom.

Noela Macleod AO has been a CWA member for over 40 years and is the state archivist for the organisation. She joins Breakfasters to chat about their new book Thrifty Household 1000 tips for clean, waste-free homes. The book outlines hints and tips, using eco and budget-friendly methods. Noela says when she grew up, you simply had to make do with what you had and most of the older members of CWA have that kind of mentality. She wanted to write down their hints and tips so that future generations don’t forget.

Thrifty Household Book Cover
Listen to Breakfasters: Thrifty Living Tips With The CWA09:4712 January 2021