Presented by Sarah Smith, Geraldine Hickey and Daniel Burt


Breakfasters: The Fabulous, Funny, Artful World of Magic

Carisa Hendrix – star of Girl on Fire, world record holder, and award-winning magician – brings her alter-ego, Lucy Darling, into the studio to work some magic on Sarah, Daniel and Geraldine.

Proving that ‘sleights of hand’ work, even on the radio, Lucy gets Gez to pull ‘a bunch of jerks’ out of a pack of cards and reveals that she’ll continue to hold burning flames in her mouth and make arcs spark from her flesh by getting 47,000 volts passed through her body. That’s when she’s not too busy having nails hammered into her face.

Indulgence with Lucy Darling is on now as part of the Melbourne Magic Festival. For more information go to

Lucy Darling on Breakfasters
Listen to Breakfasters: The Fabulous, Funny, Artful World of Magic11:512 July 2019