Breakfasters: Short Stories on the Big Stage

How does a collection for short stories become a play? Author (and Superfluity regular) Christos Tsiolkas and director Stephen Nicolazzo chat about their new play Merciless Gods with the Breakfasters. After reading Christos’ book of the same name, Stephan knew the short stories were destined for the stage. While each story is standalone, there is a thematic link which ties them all together. The play is a raw exploration what it means to be a queer immigrant to Australia and although many of the stories were written a number of years ago, many of the issues brought up in the play are still pertinent today. The adaptation explores what it’s like to be on the outside in Australian society and also gives an important voice to those not normally heard or seen on stage.

Christos Tsoilkas and Stephen Nicolazzo on Breakfasters
Listen to Breakfasters: Short Stories on the Big Stage08:3530 January 2019