Breakfasters: Pawsitive Impacts Of Dogs In The Office

Dr Jen returns to Breakfasters for the first Weird Science of 2021, bringing good news for dog lovers! Not only can your pooch be your best friend, there’s science supporting that they make great colleagues, too. 

A study in the UK followed three groups of people: those who always brought their dog to work; those who did occasionally; and another group that never did, Dr Jen explains. The researchers found that those workers who always took their furry friend to work liked their job more, were more engaged, and less likely to be considering another job. Dr Jen says that dogs in the office improve people's physiology as well – reducing stress, lowering heart rates and blood pressure.

Photo: vlad shu (Unsplash)

Dog on Chair Stock Image
Listen to Breakfasters: Pawsitive Impacts Of Dogs In The Office08:343 February 2021