Breakfasters: Jenny Valentish Talks Pushing Bodies To The Extreme

In her 2017 memoir Woman of Substances, Jenny Valentish wrote a chapter entitled "Total Control", discussing how when some people quit drugs they throw themselves into other extremes. The “fine line” between hedonism and endurance still interests her years later. Now the journalist has released a book Everything Harder Than Everyone Else: Why Some of Us Push Our Bodies To Extremes, in which she interviews the likes of ultra runners, bare knuckle wrestlers and BDSM dominants. Jenny joins Breakfasters to chat about the book.

She says that one commonality between these different forms of extremes is sufferingfrom the “noble” spectacle of suffering in wrestling to the “long haul of suffering” that ultra runners endure. Jenny also notes that “pretty much everyone [I interviewed] is what I would call a ‘natural born leg jiggler’”—they had “some energy that needs to go somewhere.”

Jenny Valentish on Breakfasters 2
Listen to Breakfasters: Jenny Valentish Talks Pushing Bodies To The Extreme12:1121 June 2021