Breakfasters: How To Cultivate Creativity With Charlotte Wood

Cultivating creativity often seems like a daunting – if not impossible – task. Charlotte Wood, multi-award winning novelist, joins Breakfasters to discuss how to adopt a creative life. Charlotte’s latest book, The Luminous Solution: Creativity, Resilience and the Inner Life, details what she has learned about creativity over the past 30 years. Charlotte says that we are taught to reject creativity by society, because it often results in failure. However, failure is a necessary stepping stone to create new and exciting ideas. She says there are two keys to creativity: the first is to open up your mind and be curious; the second is to be disciplined – having a routine and practice is key to pushing through failure and being open to luminous solutions.

Photo: Chris Chen

Charlotte Wood
Listen to Breakfasters: How To Cultivate Creativity With Charlotte Wood11:1530 September 2021