Breakfasters: How An Autism Diagnosis Changed Clem Bastow’s Life

Clem Bastow was diagnosed as Autistic at age 36 and has spent the last few years figuring out what this means. The award-winning cultural critic and Superfluity co-host joins Breakfasters to chat about her new book Late Bloomer: How An Autism Diagnosis Changed My Life.

Clem says that she spent last year's lockdown on a journey of self-discovery, looking back on her life with a new understanding. She says that Autism is hard to define, as people relate mostly to depictions of Autism in the media, and that she didn’t know that Autism can present differently in women and gender diverse people. It wasn’t until she consulted Dr. Google and other Autistic friends that she considered this was a possibility. Although there has been a lot of unlearning to do to become herself after the diagnosis, she feels that she has a new prism to understand herself.

Photo: Kristoffer Paulsen

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Listen to Breakfasters: How An Autism Diagnosis Changed Clem Bastow’s Life12:058 July 2021