From an episode of BreakfastersPresented by Daniel Burt, Monique Sebire and Bobby Macumber


Breakfasters: Finding Closure With Better Off Said

From the minds behind Women of Letters, comes Better Off Said, a confessional and cathartic spoken word show that believes that “better out than in” applies to more than just burps. Curated by Emilie Zoey Baker and Marieke Hardy, the shows bring together five speakers to present “what they wish they’d said” or a “living eulogy”, walking the fine line between poignancy and hilarity. Marieke joins Breakfasters to preview the upcoming show, the importance of live events, and the fine art of curating an event as emotionally potent as Better off Said.

Better Off Said is on the first Sunday of every month at the Brunswick Ballroom.

Listen to Breakfasters: Finding Closure With Better Off Said15:2819 April 2022