Breakfasters: Bighouse Dreaming With Declan Furber Gillick

In 2016, Arrernte artist Declan Furber Gillick was living back home in Alice Springs, working in an Aboriginal Legal Aid service. This was the time that Four Corners aired its investigation into the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre. The writer and performer says, “I was working in that and absorbing a lot of issues and ideas and [...] I’ve lived in that environment my whole life anyway.” Once he started making theatre, he began “percolating some of these issues” and decided to write Bighouse Dreaming. First performed at Melbourne Fringe in 2018, the play is back as part of Yirramboi Festival.

The Triple R presenter says one of the themes of the play is who gets to leave the town – social workers and lawyers – and who can’t. He says, “People who are living in the community don’t have that kind of social mobility to be able to come and go from that lived experience.”

Bighouse Dreaming Promo Photo
Listen to Breakfasters: Bighouse Dreaming With Declan Furber Gillick13:5427 April 2021