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Banksia: Birdz And Fred Leone Talk 'Girra'

Butchulla rapper Birdz and Butchulla songman Fred Leone join Vanessa Morris on Banksia to talk about new project 'Girra', following the release of 2021 collaborative track 'Bagi-la-m Bargan'.

'Girra', which means fire in Butchulla, comprises a six-track EP which Birdz and Fred discuss how it explores the ongoing impacts of colonisation.

They also discuss their music collaboration as cousins and how the organic approach translates to their live performances.

'Girra' will be launching at RISING on 14 June at Forum Upstairs.

Tracks included in the interview

Birdz + Fred Leone - Bagi-la-m Bargan

Fred Leone - Yirimi Gundir (trials remix)

Birdz - Black Lives Matter

Fred Leone + Birdz
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