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Backstory: Tegan Bennett Daylight On Love, Death And Reading

It’s all about the details. Author, critic, and essayist Tegan Bennett Daylight would tell this to her students to emphasise that the originality of a story lies within the detail and that the detail lies within each unique experience. Tegan joins Backstory to talk about her new collection of essays, The Details: On Love, Death And Reading.

The collection traverses a lot of territory but is anchored down by three key “details”. One of her essays discusses her teaching and her realisation that her students were reading less and less. She discusses her experience trying to encourage them to read more difficult literature and improve their literacy in a time where attention is often on one’s phone, rather than on a page. She says that she wanted her students to know what it feels like to read something that’s difficult, get through it and feel that kind of satisfaction, which is so different from the instant gratification of a text message.

The collection discusses personal experiences – from her relationship with her mother, to teaching, to authors and all the details in between.

The Details Book Cover
Listen to Backstory: Tegan Bennett Daylight On Love, Death And Reading23:587 October 2020